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Introducing the Audio Alchemist Collection – your ultimate toolkit for transforming soundscapes and sculpting audio in Ableton Live. Elevate your music production to new heights with this curated selection of cutting-edge audio effect racks.

NOTE: This rack requires Ableton 11 Suite. 


Please note that VAT is mandatory for all EU and UK transactions and varies according to the purchase location. Please understand that, in accordance with our terms and conditions, we are unable to provide refunds for digital downloads due to their non-returnable nature.

Audio Alchemist Collection

  • 🚀 Efficiency and Inspiration: With the Audio Alchemist Collection at your fingertips, you'll spend less time grappling with technical intricacies and more time immersed in creative inspiration. Our effect racks are designed to streamline your workflow, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your music.

    💡 Elevate Every Genre: Whether you're producing ambient, electronic, cinematic, or experimental music, the Audio Alchemist Collection is your creative partner. Our meticulously designed effect racks add a touch of sonic magic that enhances your tracks, regardless of genre.

    📈 Stay Ahead of the Curve: In the ever-evolving landscape of music production, staying ahead is crucial. The Audio Alchemist Collection equips you with cutting-edge tools that keep your sound fresh, innovative, and relevant in today's dynamic music scene.

    🎓 Learn and Evolve: The Audio Alchemist Collection is not just a set of tools – it's a learning opportunity. As you dive into each effect rack, you'll uncover new techniques, experiment with novel soundscapes, and elevate your skills as a sound designer and producer.

  • 9 Ableton audio effect racks

    🌀 Creative Delays Rack: Unleash the power of time manipulation with the Creative Delays rack. Bend, twist, and warp your audio into intricate patterns and evolving textures. From subtle echoes to mind-bending rhythmic repeats, this rack is your ticket to captivating sonic landscapes. NOTE: This rack contains the Pitchloop89 - a free Max For Live Device, which is only avalable on Suit versions of Ableton.

    🔥 Distort Rack: Embrace controlled chaos with the Distort rack. Add a touch of grit, crunch, or outright mayhem to your sounds. Sculpt harmonic richness and unleash sonic fury, giving your tracks that signature edge.

    🌌 Glitchscape Rack: Dive into glitch heaven with the Glitchscape rack. Craft intricate glitch patterns, digital hiccups, and offbeat rhythms that defy convention. Push the boundaries of audio manipulation and let your creativity run wild. NOTE: This rack contains the Pitchloop89 Max For Live Device, which is only avalable on Suit versions of Ableton.

    🎵 Pitchcraft Rack: Transform melodies into new dimensions with the Pitchcraft rack. Pitch shift, harmonize, and modulate your audio like never before. Create ethereal harmonies, mind-bending pitch bends, and experimental sonic journeys.

    🎶 Pitch Hack Rack: Dive into a sonic toolbox that transforms your music. Shift your melodies, blend sounds together, and craft unique effects. This rack is a gateway to crafting innovative music that’s both breathtaking and refreshingly distinct from the norm. NOTE: This rack contains Pitch Hack - a free Max For Live device, avalabile to download as part of the Creative Extentions pack on the Ableton website.

    🔊 Reverb Rack: Immerse your audio in rich, immersive spaces with the Reverb rack. From lush halls to haunting chambers, this versatile reverb rack lets you sculpt the perfect acoustic environment for your sounds to thrive.

    🚀 Riser Anything Rack: Elevate anticipation in your tracks with the Riser Anything rack. Craft powerful risers and tension-building effects that lead your listeners to breathtaking drops and epic climaxes.

    🎚️ Squash Dynamics Processor: Achieve the perfect balance with the Squash Dynamics Processor. Compress, expand, and sculpt the dynamics of your audio to enhance clarity, punch, and impact. Whether it's gentle sculpting or aggressive compression, this rack has you covered.

    🎭 Transitions & Breaks Rack: Seamlessly transition between sections and create captivating breaks with the Transitions & Breaks rack. Elevate your arrangements with expertly designed transitions that keep your audience engaged and craving more.

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